Dead Truce

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Type: Faction
While the Dustmen tend to be a bleak sort and not great company, they do great when dealing with undead. They don't have to worry about being scragged just for being there.Applies: Members of the Dustmen Prereqs: Membership in the Dustmen faction. Benefits: This ancient pact with powers of undeath means that unintelligent undead will completely ignore you, while intelligent undead may treat you as either a friend or at least an acquaintance on good terms. Normal: None. Special Notes: This feat is temporarily negated if you attacks an undead. The undead and all those within a certain range (DM's discretion, but some recommended are viewing ranges or entire buildings or complexes in the case of dungeons or castles with a controlling necromancer) are freed from the Dead Truce and may attack you as normal. By: Kenneth RaymondImported from a previous version of
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