Darkness Born

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This suit of black full plate is covered in blades and spikes, which are heavily encrusted in dried blood; it feels warm to the touch and emanates an aura of evil. The armour was originally crafted for Palanar, an evil anti-paladin dedicated to the evil lords of the Pit and one of their most faithful and loyal servants; it was crafted by baatezu smiths as a reward for his service.

However, Palanar, the child of an (unwilling) half-dragon paladin and an erinyes, had the capability to do great good as well as evil, and ultimately this buried streak of nobility led him to renounce the darkness and the half-fiend fled his former masters to seek the protection of the Order of the Planes Militant. He left his armour in Baator where it is now given to other champions of evil to aid their efforts.

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Type: Heavy
Cost: 200,000 gp's
AC Bonus: 13
Max Dex: -1
Armor Check: -6
Spell Failure: 35%
Speed 30: 20
Speed 20: 15
Weight: 50lb

"Darkness Born" is heavy fortified full plate +5. In addition it has the following qualities:

  • Darkness, 3/day
  • Unholy Blight 1/day (DC 18)
  • Blasphemy 1/day
  • Fire Shield (Warm) 1/day
  • It may only be worn by evil characters.
Craft Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armour, Darkness, Unholy Blight, Blasphemy, Fire Shield, creator must be evil and of at least 17th level
Crafter Level: 17
Price Mod:
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