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Trained to have supple muscles and flexible joints, the contortionist can bend into positions that would be painful or even harmful to an untrained person. Use contortion to squeeze through small holes in walls, wriggle out of a straightjacket; hide in a box that's too small for someone your size, or twist out of the way of an attack.Checks: The contortionist can move through obstacles and gains the defensive adjustments of a creature one size category smaller (thus, a Medium size contortionist can operate as a Small size character in combat, when hiding, or when squeezing through a narrow passageway). The contortionist can move limbs into positions that would normally be painful or unreachable and can twist to face any direction. On a successful check a contortionist can reduce falling damage by -1 hp per 10'. Retry: Yes, but if a second retry fails, the task is impossible for the contortionist until the skill is improved. No retries are allowed for avoiding falling damage. Special Notes: Gaining 5 or more ranks in Contortion lends a +2 synergy bonus to Escape Artist checks when bound or trapped in a tight container, and a +2 on Tumble checks. By: Samuel WrightImported from a previous version of
Stat: Dexterity
Untrained: N
Armor Check: Y
Classes: Bard, Monk, Rogue
Other Classes:
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