Bypass Damage Reduction

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Type: Regional

Fact: everybody can't own powerful magical items. Fact: a lot of dangerous creatures can't be damaged properly without one. Planewalkers tend to know the dark of creatures like that, not only what to strike them with, but how and when. Knowledge is a powerful thing.

Armed only with knowledge (and perhaps more than their share of bravery!), planewalkers are often able to defeat creatures who would have left their prime counterparts written in the dead-book. Applies: All kinds of planar warriors Prereqs: Base attack bonus +1. Benefits: Gives you the ability to simulate more powerful magical weapons with weapons which already have some enchantment. Magical weapons used by you count as one 'plus' higher regarding damage reduction. For example, if you are wielding a +1 longsword, it will function as if it had a +2 enhancement bonus to determine damage agaisnt creatures with damage reduction. This extra "plus" does not count to damage and attack rolls. Normal: If you hit a creature with damage resistance with a weapon of lesser enhancement bonus than listed, the resistance score is subtracted from the damage you dealt. Special Notes: You only can select this feat if your character is a planar. However, with the DM's approval, a prime character may select this feat, provided he has passed enough time on the planes to learn the dark of it (DM's judgement).

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