Brannon: The Webmaster (humor)

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Brannon is the supreme creator god of the Planewalker mythos (which includes such illuminaries as the Planewalker god of adventure, Orri, the Planewalker god of Pathways, Bart, the Planewalker god of Equipment, Torsten, the Planewalker goddess of people, Toshi, the Planewalker god of stories, Sydney, and the Planewalker god of Threes, Ken, among others).

Long ago, he established a realm in the layer of Mechanus known as the Web, which was called (though rumors exist of previous incarnations, as well...). Here, his followers (called "Members") would gather and praise him and others in the Planewalker pantheon, while submitting chant that they had acquired from across the multiverse. In this way, Brannon built a strong community of members, all granting unto him the secrets they've come across. The amount of information given to this god over the years certainly rivals the amount of information the Guvners have procured. All "Members" submit willingly, according to most chant, and some say that Members are eventually granted the power to imagine things into existence that didn't exist before, simply by getting people to believe it exists.

As a figurehead god, Brannon is rarely depicted directly. The only representations of him scholars have is the red-eyed metal head that speaks to his Members in the region of his realm called the Forums. Some say it is bad luck to ask the god to reveal himself, and, to date, no Members have expressed the slightest interest in beholding him. Most are content with his closest proxy, Ashenbach, the well-known Sigil chant-broker. Some spout the screed that there is no difference between Ashy and Brannon, that Ashy is his avatar. However, the fact that Ashy operates mainly out of Sigil -- where Gods are forbidden -- would seem to contradict this.

It is said by the Members that Brannon is a friendly, genial god, more ready to accept anything than perhaps anything in Mechanus. He seems to be willing to accept Chaos (as the Member Barking Wilder will certainly tell you) and Law (as exemplified in Members Antonio and Jacob), Good (such as a Member that's also an Eladrin), and Evil (such as several Members that have fiendish blood in them) in equal numbers. However, he is very protective of his chant. Once, a rouge god by the name of Patrik had gotten his hands on some of Brannon's chant, and the god used all of his divine might to smite the chant-stealer.

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Pantheon: Planewalker
Portfolio: The Web, Planewalkers, Chant, Southeastern USA
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Worshippers: PS geeks, those with Chant to broker
Incarnation: Reportedly, a certain ash-gray Tiefling...
Titles: Ashy, Hollingsworsh, Branno
Rank: Greater Power
Priesthood: The priests of Brannon devote themselves to scouring the planes for chant and bringing it to their god (or his favorite proxy). They come from all walks of life, but they all have access to the layer of Mechanus known as the Web, often through various magical writing implements. They seem to be utterly devoid of the usual priestly powers (calling themselves "Members"), but chant is that they can alter reality by making up their own chant to submit -- who needs to turn undead with that kind of power?!
Priest Alignment: Any
Favorite Weapon: E-mails and office supplies
Holy Item: Computer
Symbol: A circle made out of rusty red material.
Domains: Knowledge, Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, Computers, Office Supplies, Contests, Smilies
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