Bone Armour of Gorr

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It is rare to find a truly evil bariaur; by and large the race are at least neutral, and largely goodly creatures. Of course, as with all rules there are exceptions, and Gorr the Bloodthirster was definitely an exception.

Gorr was a powerful priest of the Abyssal powers, renowned and feared for his brutality and evil. The vile cleric, through dint of careful research and effort, managed to find a way of making himself immortal through something he found in the Gray Waste; exactly what is unknown, but some whisper of the fabled Chronosphere of Lagos or the gift of some dark power who made Gorr its proxy. The concept of an immortal, unkillable Gorr was something so horrific that the high priestess of the tribe from which he originated in Elysium, feeling guilty for the existence of the evil bariaur in the first place, set up an elaborate trap that twisted Gorr's immortality through necromantic rituals, turning him into a lich instead. In the process he was trapped in a tomb in Elysium.

There he waited, enraged and helpless, all the while planning his revenge but unable to break the wards that enclosed him. His immortality had been instead turned into a curse, reducing him into an unliving cadaver unable to experience the sensations of life properly. As he brooded and plotted, he discovered through the divine magics still left to him that the curse was sustained by the life energies of the bariaur of his tribe by the high priestesses ritual; as long as even one of those of his blood and kin was left alive, he was trapped in undeath.

Eventually a fiendish mage of Baator broke the wards seeking information from the lich; once it had done this, it released Gorr back into Elysium knowing that he would cause destruction and carnage there. This he did, destroying his tribe with fire and undead minions, and raising their corpses to serve him in hunting down the last survivor of the tribe, who was absent when Gorr struck.

Unfortunately for the lich, this was Scar, Champion of the bariaur war deity and a veteran adventurer and Rager; perhaps the greatest Rager ever to have lived if the fact he survived for so long is to be taken into account. Gorr was simply unable to defeat him; Scar destroyed his undead minions every time, smashed the lich's physical form to pieces or had his allies smite it with magic. After being firestormed into ash yet again by the bariaur's companion priest Severin, Gorr began to despair of ever killing the powerful Rager himself and instead began to try and manipluate the warrior to be killed by other, more powerful beings, letting himself suffer the indignity of becoming the lackey to powerful fiends just to see Scar get put in the deadbook. Even this seemed to be failing to work, as Scar reduced each fiend to a corpse instead.

When the Rager finally met his match in the Abyss, Gorr discovered a horrifying new twist in his curse; in order to be transformed back into his immortal, living self he had to have killed the last of his tribe himself. Instead he was trapped forever in his undead form, and, unable to face his failure and an eternity as a cold, unfeeling cadaver, he sought the aid of the Dustmen in passing into the state of True Death. He left behind this suit of armour, made of the charred and blackened bones of his victims.

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Type: Heavy
Cost: 130,350 gp's
AC Bonus: 10
Max Dex: -0
Armor Check: -7
Spell Failure: 40%
Speed 30: 20
Speed 20: 15
Weight: 45 lb
Special: The Bone Armour of Gorr acts as enchanted splint mail +4, including armour spikes. It bestows acid resistance 15 upon the wearer, as well as allowing them to animate any corpse touched into a zombie or skeleton, as per the spell Animate Dead. They can only control up to 30 HD of undead though the armour; note that this doesn't count towards the total they can control through normal Animate Dead spells. magical
Craft Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armour, Animate Dead, Protection from Elements
Crafter Level: 15
Price Mod:
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