Bodice of the Godless Priestess

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This soft cloth bodice, despite the name, can be used by a female character of any class, and implies nothing about their faith or lack thereof. It gains it's name from the fact that it is commonly used by priestesses (as they are able to gain the full advantages of the item), and that it is a popular item amongst the Athar.

(This submission was converted, with permission from Wizards of the Coast, from Planescape:Torment).

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Type: Padded armour
Cost: 13,000 gold pieces
AC Bonus: 5
Max Dex: -6
Armor Check: -0
Spell Failure: 20%
Speed 30: 30
Speed 20: 20
Weight: 5 lb
Special: This item also confers greater spellcasting ability on those able to cast divine magic only; such wearers gain an extra 3 1st level spells and 1 extra 2nd level spell each day.
Craft Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arma and Armour, Shield of Faith
Crafter Level:
Price Mod:
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