Blood Rune Armour

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Full Plate armour that is said to have been forged by Erythnul himself to protect him during his mortality.

When Gods were forced to walk the earth as mortals, Erythnul spent a great deal of time in solitude forging a great suit of armour to protect him from any would-be assassins.

He placed a great many enhancements on the armour. Most notably he set a large ruby into the breastplate in the shape of a drop of blood.

The Armour gives protection as +6 Full Plate with an arcane spell Failure chance of 40%. The armour gives the wearer a damage reduction of 5/+1 unless he already has a damage reduction higher than this already.

In addition, the ruby has part of Erythnul's murderous spirit within it and invokes a terrible rage within the wearer whenever he enters combat. In game terms this means that whenever the wearer enters combat he enters an enraged state which can only be sated when all enemies are dead. The wearer will pursue fleeing enemies tirelessly until he kills them.

After each encounter the DM is required to total up all of the hit points taken by the wearer and if they do not total 50 or more the ruby in the breastplate will glow red and the wearer of the armour will be forced to attack the closest being until the 50hp mark is achieved. If there are no beings within charge range the wearer will attempt to draw his own blood for the damage needed.

In addition to this there is a 5% chance that the wearer will turn on his allies anyway and will require another 50hp of damage to be done before he calms again.

This armour was last seen being worn by 'Razer Incubus', a Blackguard who lead an army of Barbarians on a slaughter in Erythnul's name. It is unknown where it is now.

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Degree: Minor Artifact
Type: Full Plate
Weight: 40 lbs
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