Blessing of Heironeous

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This artifact was said to be wielded by Shengalis, a proxy of Heironeous for over 200 years before he was released from his duty. The blade was left with Shengalis and given a blessing from the God of Valour himself.

The wielder must be a follower of Heironeous; any who are not devoted to this god immediately get blasted by the God's wrath.

The blast deals 10d20 damage to evil creatures (Lawful, Chaotic or Neutral), 8d20 to Neutral Creatures (Lawful or Chaotic) and 5d20 to True Neutral Creatures. Good aligned creatures recieve a sharp jolt which discourages them from touching it. Followers of Hextor must take a Fortitude save at DC 30 or die the instant they touch it, a successful save has the same effect as an evil creature touching the sword.

The sword has the following effects:

  • The sword confers a +6 bonus to attacks, and a +5 bonus to damage
  • Holy
  • Lawful

It has the following abilities:

  • Protection from evil Radius 10' (Constant)
  • Dispel Evil or Dispel Chaos (once per day)
  • Holy Aura (twice per week)
  • If the wielder drops to below 10% of their original hit points for any reason, then two Hound Archons are summoned to defend the wielder. They will remain until the wielder's hit points rise above 10%, until the wielder is out of immediate danger, or until the end of the sixth round; whichever occurs first. This defensive ability will function only once per week.
  • In addition the wielder is immune to all panic and fear effects.

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Degree: Minor Artifact
Type: Longsword
Weight: 4 lbs
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