Bariaur Horned Helm

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A bariaur using this special helmet to charge an opponent still inflicts 1d8 points of damage, but since he relies on the spiked horns to inflict some of the damage, he needn't use as much force. Therefore, while he must still make a Fortitude save to avoid taking damage, a failed save results in the bariaur taking ½ of the damage he inflicted as subdual damage (rather than all of it).

Bariaur females can utilise this helmet to perform charging attacks, even though they don't possess horns.

A horned helm must be tailor-made for each individual to insure proper fitting (requiring 1d6+2 days construction time).

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Type: Light
Cost: 45 gold pieces
AC Bonus: 0
Max Dex: -0
Armor Check: -0
Spell Failure: 0%
Speed 30: 30
Speed 20: 20
Weight: 10 lb.
Craft Prerequisites:
Crafter Level:
Price Mod:
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