Additional Domain

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Type: Special
You have access to an additional domain beyond those you normally would have. If usually have no access to divine domains, you now have one domain.Applies: Divine spellcasters.Prereqs: Divine spellcaster level 4th+Benefits: You gain all of the benifits of having an additional domain. You gain the domain's granted power and access to any additional spells available to you at your level. You do not gain any extra spells per day.

If you are a cleric, you are limited to the domains granted by your chosen Deity. If you are a druid, you may choose from Animal, Plant, Protection and Sun. If you are a ranger, you may chose from Animal and Travel, and if you are a paladin, from Law and Good. Normal: Only clerics have access to domains, and only two of them (unless the prestige clas grants additional domains). Special Notes: Under no circumstances you can chose a prestige domain with this feat.

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