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Personality: Having lost their world and being responsible for the deaths of the beings they worshipped as gods, the reptillian mammals who call themselves Ulenys (You-len-is) are new to the planes. Living in the city/plane Nastallux which hovers hundreths of meters above the ground somewhere in the Outlands. The Ulenys used to live in a plane called Dashel Lok which was created from a prime material world by the Littaru. The only things know of these Littaru is that there where 5 of them who where banished from their own plane by the rest of their kind, and that the Ulenys consider them gods. With the exception of the Ulenys who where the natural inhabitants of Dashel Lok all other races had been brought from prime worlds by the Littaru. For thousands upon thousands of years the Ulenys lived in peace as the most influential race on Dashel Lok. This changed 3 thousand years ago when the Gnomes and Halflings formed the Rossal Alliance. Being more warlike than most of their kind on the prime worlds the Gnomes and Halflings of the Rossal Alliance quickly began developping military weapons.After a thousand years of preparing for war the Rossal Alliance possed the largest army, and the only one equipped with rifles and cannons. Using the trains the gnomes had developped centuries ago, the Rossal army began their war against the their Eastern neighbors the Elves, Humans and the Ulenys. The first to feel the power of Rossal technology where the Humans, as the human citystates quarreled amongst each other the The Rossal attacked, the Human/Rossal war lasted two-thousand years and when it ended the only surving Humans where slaves.Inspired by their victory and eager to show off their weapons the Rossal Alliance turned it's eyes to the Ulenys. The Ulenys had whatched the Human/Rossal war with shock, there was now a race that was a treat to their supremacy on Dashel Lok, and when they received word that the Rossal army came to there lands they prepared for the worsed they could imagine... in the first month after the first battle the Rossal Alliance proved at the Ulenys trade capital of Shahavous that their imagination was greater than the Ulenys prepared for. When the Rossal army arrived at Shahavous they began building rails so that their cannon mounted trains could come. When the cannons had arrived the trade city's walls were completly destroyed within three days, allowing the Rossall infantry to move in. From the 3 Million inhabitants of Shahavous ten thousand survived and where enslaved by the Rossal Alliance, as there fist task they has to skin all the dead Ulenys within the city, The Rossal army then send the skins back home, after all reptile leather was the latest fashion. This atrocity caused that the Elves and several other species, joined in the war to fight the Rossal. The Ulenys however where in shock, never before in their history had any species managed to strike such a blow against them as a race, nor shown such disrespect to them. The city of Nastallux, the closest city to Shahavous, ordered it's mages and priests to find a way to protect themselves against the Rossal cannons. After searching for two months the priests found an ancient scroll, in one of their temples detailing how the Littaru had created a protective force around Dashel Lok preventing outside forces to harm the world. The mages and priests of Nastallux spend another month preparing the spell, while the first parts of the Rossal army managed to slip past the blockade made by the other races. When the spell was finally ready for casting the first Rossal cannons could be seen from the city walls. The city's ruler Sharus Nolkat began casting the protection spell herself. As the first cannons began firing a purple shield became visible around Nastallux, and then the city was gone. While The shield around Dashel Lok was ripped apart by internal stress, and the plane Dashel Lok turned back into the prime world Dashel Lok, free for the gods that were worshipped by the races on the world to enter, and the Littaru who had grown dependent on absorbing all prayers now felt how their lifeforce dissapeard, ending their existence. When the inhabitants of Nastallux where able to look outside their city again, they found themselves hovering in the Outlands, worldless and godless. Determined to make a new live for themselves and repent for their sins against the Littaru, they build their lives in Nastallux and explore the planes hoping to catch a sign of the race the Littaru a race they call the Castioch. Ulenys are a proud race, however they believe that others should be treated with respect, however if angered beyond their limit they will prove to be highly intimidating and show a strong ammount of controlled violence. The have a simple philosofy earn your life, thus a Ulenys that seems to live a decadent life has worked for it... how they worked for it is open for debate. Ulenys crave social interaction, and if attracted to someone they will make this very easy to notice. To Ulenys sex is simple entertainment, and for reproducing and cannot stay with a partner that demands they no longer have intercourse with others. Ulenys enjoy wearing fine clothes such as silk and satin, and in general put magical protection on their clothes. By: Chris SchuijffImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com
Physical Description: Ulenys resemble green skinned Elves, with the exceptions that they are taller, nor are they as skinny. They have earlobes which end in small points, their eyes are either completly gold,bronze or silver. Having fangs and a venom sack. They have no hair on there body, instead they have small feathers growing their scalp, and at their eyebrows, in generall they keep the feathers short and styled like hair, some however WILL want their feathers to grow longer. Their feathers come in several colours and shades : red, blue, purple, just think of bird coloured feathers. Their scales are very small, and if someone moves their hand over their skin it will smooth and soft.Ulenys can grow to be 800 years old. Most Ulenys appear attractive to humanoids.
Relations: Ulenys have a friendly relation with most races due to their respectful behavior. When a Ulenys sees a Githzerai they will follow him around asking them to teach them how to KNOW, or where the Castioch are, so far there has been no reaction from Githzerai to the Ulenys. They also have an strong and unexplaind interest in non evil humanoid Tieflings, and are especially friendly to them. Ulenys hate all Halflings and Gnomes and have to restrain themselves not to kill them on sight, if they see and Ulenys attacking a Halfling or Gnome they will instantly join in no matter the odds.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Lands: Most Plane dwelling Ulenys live in The city Nastallux which has been turned into a small plane hovering in the Outlands.
Religion: Ulenys continue to worship the Littaru. They also have begun worshipping the Castioch, even though they dont know if these still excist.Because of their religion Ulenys do not marry, and all children they give birth to are raised by the church instead of the parents. In Ulenys society male and female are equal, however they live in an matriachal society. Their current Ruler is Sharus Nolkat.
Language: Ulenys have their own language which can remind people of a soft stream of water, or when they speak more aggresively it will sound as a entirely other language, reminding one more of the hissing and growling of... well a reptile. Ulenys claim there language is the result of the MELTING of Draconian and Castioch languages. Ulenys language is not truly based on the words but the feeling they radiate, there for a non Ulenys can never truly learn their language.
Names: Ulenys love to adopt names of other cultures in to there font of names, making it impossible to know what is truly Ulenys by nature.
Male Names: NONE
Female Names: NONE
Family Names: NONE
Adventurers: Ulenys become adventurers for various reasons, whether it is to learn secrets, greed, lust for adventure or to allow their animalistic side to be free.
Racial Traits: + 1 Dexterity, + 1 Intelligence, + 2 Charisma, -2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom Ulenys are naturally quick of body and mind and good company, they are however weakened since having left there home, and their hidden pride refuses to learn from certain mistakes.Medium Size: As medium sized creatures Ulenys have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. Ulenys base speed is 30 feet Scent : Ulenys have a higly developed sense of smell can smell anybody withing 20 feet, nor can they be fooled by a illusion that doesn't include a scent.Mating Bite : Ulenys posses venom sacks that if injected cause pleasant feelings. If desperate however Ulenyes can use it as a counterattack if they can use it as a automatic counterattack injecting all venom in there sacks causing pain instead of pleasure, if the target does not wear armor, he must release the Ulenys immediatly. Automatic Languages : Ulenys, Draconic. Every two levels starting at second level a Ulenys can choose a new language that it has encountered before. Favored Class : Fighter or Sorcerer
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