Tanar\'ri-spawn Tiefling

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Personality: Tanar'ri blooded Tieflings are quite common, usually due to the nature of the Tanar'ri. Compared to other tieflings, these ones usually have the least in common to the natures of their fiendish ancestors. And much like many other Tieflings they are usually despised by both their mortal and fiendish relatives.Like many other tieflings, the ones of Tanar'ri descent are survivors who try to make what they can of their difficult lives. They are unwanted and mistrusted, which does make them bitter of the outside world. While many others do what they can to get themselves accepted among others. Life usually teaches these tieflings that it's best that they rely on themselves, though it does not necessarily make them loners or selfish people. More than other Tieflings these ones often feel the need to chronicle the struggles of their lives. Ronassic: "And that final fact is true. Many of the most prolific tieflings writers are usually of Tanar'ri descent. One of the best plays ever, Between the Light and the Dark was written by one of them. By: Jason NgImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com
Physical Description: Physically the features of these Tieflings vary, but they usually have the typical appearance of most tieflings with their own unique features. There are however just too many different types of Tanar'ri to mention how they affect the appearance of their descendants. The most common varieties will be mentioned. Manes despite being quite common are infertile, so they don't have mortal offspring. Dretches and Rutterkin however do, the descendants of Dretches often have pale complexions, hairless bodies, sparse hair on their heads or large ears that go out to the sides. Some them have clearly visible veins. The influence of Rutterkin blood usually causes a few minor deformities which can be visible or easily hidden. Bar-lgura descendants may have ape-like features, but often have six fingers or just red hair. Armanite and Maurezhi influences often involve a sickly thin appearance, or patchy skin colouration between light and dark colours, horns are also common among Armanite children. Bulezau descendants are common due to the violent nature of those fiends, goat horns and other goat-like features are their mark. And then there's the descendants of succubi, who are also quite common due to their modus operandi. Succubi (and incubi) children are as many have guessed them to be, are quite attractive, though beyond that they may have developed bat-like wings as well. Nabassu children may inherit horns or any gargoyle-like feature, Baubau children are often sickly thin and may have a single big horn on their head. Chasme spawn often have chitinous skin, multi-faceted eyes, long noses or fly-like wings. Watrilith descendants are the most alien in appearance as they are usually from aquatic races. They're usually tall, with spines and fins on many places on their bodies, with a few glowing spots on their skin. And then there's the children of Cerebrilith's who can be typically identified by their large heads with bony ridges, and the occasional elbow spikes. Nalfeshnee children are often stocky, sometime obese with boar-like features. Vrock spawn have big noses and feathery hair, Glabrezu and Molydeus spawn are canine-like and might have a pair of useless pincher arms for the previous or a snake-like head for the latter. Hezrou descendants are frog-like with spines along the back and green skin. Marilith children may have a serpentine like curve to their backs, a feminine appearance or snake-like scales. Balor spawn have large intimidating builds, with wings, teeth and claws as other features. And finally Alkilith spawn are usually quite horrific with a melted appearance, or else they're just plain slimy. Mowatt Ke'Mahn: "There are of course many Tieflings who claim to have some Abyssal Lord as their grandparent. While Abyssal Lords do tend to have many children, the chances of meeting one of their actual descendants is rare. Anyone who makes that claim is just another sodding liar. Mainly because the Abyssal Lords keep their offspring close to them where they can watch them, finding ways to use them to suit their whims. The life of one of these Tieflings is a typically sad and violent life, wrought with regular abuses. I assure you that no one would really want to be related to an Abyssal Lord."
Relations: These Teiflings more than other will be loners, but that isn't always the case as just as many feel the need for companionship.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Lands: Please enter your race's lands here, if none, then enter "None".
Religion: They worship who they feel like worshipping, they have either a preference or an extreme revulsion towards Abyssal deities.
Language: Automatic Languages: Common and Tanar'ri (Abyssal). Bonus Languages: Any.
Names: Their names come from any sort of origin, there really isn't a typical type name of Tieflings.
Male Names: none
Female Names: none
Family Names: none
Adventurers: none
Racial Traits: ? +2 dexterity, +2 intelligence, -2 wisdom. ? Origin: Always planar ? Humanoid Type ? Medium Size (no modifiers) ? Speed 30' ? Automatic Languages: Common and Tanar'ri (Abyssal). Bonus Languages: Any. ? Favoured Class: Rogue ? Darkvision 60' ? +2 Bluff and Hide ? Special Abilities: Tanar'ri blood flows in the veins of such tieflings at various intensities and effects. They may start with 3 special abilities from the list below, each one only once. The lists they choose from determines their class equivalency level. All spell-like abilities are cast as a sorcerer of the character's level. CL +1: -Alkilith Skin(Su): for 1 + constitution modifier times per day the character takes half damage from slashing and bludgeoning weapons for a round, using this is a move equivalent action. -Ambidexterity: Character gains the Ambidexterity feat for free -Aquatic(Ex): Breathe water normally and swim at speed 30'. -Babau Skin(Su): for 1 + constitution modifier times per day the character takes half damage from slashing and piercing weapons for a round, using this is a move equivalent action. -Bulezau's Rage(Ex): Gain Rage once per day as a 1st level Barbarian. -Claws: Can inflict 1d4 points of slashing damage and is considered armed. -Lesser Armanite Blood(Sp): Add +1 electrical damage to five ranged attack per day. -Minor Succubus Bloodline: Gain a +2 racial modifier to Charisma. -Outsider Type (Ex): Creature type becomes Outsider, gains immunity to anything that affects only humanoids such as Charm Person. -Poison Resistance: gain +2 to all saving throws against poison. -Resistances: 5 points of fire, cold and lightning resistance. -Marilith Scales: Gain +2 natural armour. -Maurezhi Blood (Sp): 3/day with a touch gain access to a subject's memory, unless they make a will save of DC 13 + charisma modifier. -Rutterkin Bloodline: Gain the weapon proficiency feats for all Rutterkin weapons (crescent polearm, flatchet, snap-tong and 3-armed blade). -Spell-like ability(Sp): Pick ONE of the following spells as the spell, and only that spell, which can be used once per day for that character: Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Descecrate, Darkness, Death Knell, Detect Magic, Heat Metal, Levitate, Mirror Image, Pyrotechnics or Tongues. -Vrock Spores(Su): once per day inflict 1d8 damage to all within 5 feet. -Telepathic Communication(Su): The PC can communicate telepathically with any single creature in the line of sight, through a language they know. CL +2: -Alkilith Pseudopod: The PC has pseudopod(s) which inflict 2d4 points of damage, using this is an unarmed attack. -Armanite Blood(Sp): Add +1d4 electrical damage to three ranged attacks per day. -Babau Slime(Su): Once per day for three rounds, inflict 1d6 points of damage to anything touching the character. -Balor's Touch(Sp): Three times per day with a touch attack cause an opponent to flee in terror for 1d6 rounds if they fail a DC 13 + charisma modifier will save. -Balor's Flames(Sp): As a free action twice per day for a round, cause 2d6 points of damage to anyone grappling. -Fiendish Hide(Su): Damage Reduction +1/5. -Improved Resistances: 5/+1 per level resistance to fire, cold and lightning. -Major Succubus Bloodline: Gain a +4 racial modifier to Charisma. -Spell-like ability(Sp): Pick ONE of the following spells as the spell, and only that spell, which can be used once per day for that character: Blink, Claws of the Vampire(PsiHB), Dispel Magic, Ghoul Touch, Fear, Fly, Gaseous Form, Produce Flames, See Invisibility, Slow or Vrock's Screech*. -Spell Resistance 5 +1/ per level. -Wastrilith Breath(Sp): Inflict 1d10 points of damage with a 30' cone of boiling water, reflex save of DC 13 + charisma modifier for half damage. -Two abilities from the CL +1 list. -Use one of the once per day spell-like abilities from the previous category twice per day. -Wings(Ex): Can fly at speed 30' with average manoeuverability ? Class Level: +1 or +2 depending on the list chosen from.
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