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Personality: Every Clueless sod knows about the four major elemental planes: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. And most also know that each of them has a planetouched race related to them -- collectively called the Genasi.

But the elemental planes don't stop there. Some Material Planes (like the ones refered to as "oriental" in culture) have five elemental planes -- the four that most know, and another one, the elemental plane of wood.

So, it would seem to follow: The Wood Genasi are those touched by the energies of the elemental forest, the emporers of the leaves. They are creatures, in whose viens flow the energy of plantlife, the foundation of all life. Wood Genasi are those creatures touched by the jungle.Genasi in general are cocky, self-important, and regal, and the wood genasi are no different. They are quite comfortable in their dominance over a force of life itself.

Wood genasi tend to be secretive, also, quietly confident, observing things from the branches and interviening only when they see something wrong with the situation. They take pride in the fact that, in an area thick with plantlife, people don't usually even know they're there. They tend to be aloof to the concerns of the animal world, almost looking down their hardwood noses at those who can't make food from light and dirt. They find such base instincts as eating rather beneath them.

Wood genasi may also take the "ecological crusader" outlook on life, fighting for the rights of plants, and protecting the wilderness areas from abuse by cruel humanoids. If the bamboo doesn't need a roof over its head, why must people take it to make roofs over their heads?

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Physical Description: Wood genasi, like all planetouched, stubtly echo the plane that they've been touched by. In their case, it may manifest as grass for hair, leaves for skin, and bark for bones. They may speak with a groan and a snap, or with a slight hiss, like the wind through the trees.

Because they may be descended from creatures of the fey variety, such as treants or dryads, they may also have the qualities of those creatures, such as eyes like holes in bark, and skin that changes color with the seasons. They may be constantly damp to the touch, or their feet may have tiny rootlets in them.

Relations: Wood genasi, like most genasi, don't get along perfectly with a lot of creatures. Of course, those close to the natural world are the most well-recieved, as long as they respect the genasi's obvious superiority. Unfortuneately, most other races grate upon them. They find water genasi and earth genasi interesting, outright fear fire genasi, and have a rather indifferent attitude towar air genasi, seeing them as helpful but unnessecary. To things even further removed from the elemental world, wood genasi can seem downright heartless, as they would rather allow a field to grow than they would allow a family of sheep to eat it. But, to a wood genasi, each daisy has the beauty, the usefulness, and the cuteness of a sheep.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Lands: Wood genasi, of course, mostly originate on the elemental plane of Wood, either by having ancestors from there, or by being exposed to the plane for generations. It's not unheard of for wood genasi to originate from a Material Plane, either.

Though, like most planetouched, wood genasi have no true lands of their own, they may gather in other lands, in areas rich with verdant plantlife (and often with a lot of insects to boot).

Religion: Wood genasi, perhaps predictably, worship nature gods and goddesses most often. Many also simply devote themselves to a power of nature, or to the plants themselves.
Language: Wood genasi, like all planetouched, have no true language of their own. Instead, they learn the language of those around them -- Sylvan, Druidic, and Timber (the language of elemental Wood) are all popular choices.
Names: A wood genasi's name depends upon the culture it is raised in (and, as such, they often tend to have a bit of an oriental flavor to them)
Male Names: A wood genasi's name depends upon the culture it is raised in (and, as such, they often tend to have a bit of an oriental flavor to them)
Female Names: A wood genasi's name depends upon the culture it is raised in (and, as such, they often tend to have a bit of an oriental flavor to them)
Family Names: A wood genasi's name depends upon the culture it is raised in (and, as such, they often tend to have a bit of an oriental flavor to them)
Adventurers: Wood genasi may quest for the natural order of things, or to supervise the status of various wildnerness areas around the world, and around the planes. They may wish to see the grounds of the so-called "nature" gods, so far away from the nature of the elements themselves. They may also go simply to taste new suns and new soil, or for any of the more practical reasons people go on adventures.
Racial Traits: Wood genasi have the following racial traits:·+2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma: Wood genasi are enduring and astute, but tend to be primitive and snooty.·Medium-Sized: Wood genasi do not suffer or benefit from their size.·Base Speed: Wood genasi base speed is 30 feet.·Elemental Resistance: Wood genasi can add +1 per 5 HD to saves against any one element. These bonuses stack, so that they can be applied to the same element, or to different ones. The choice is made when the HD is reached.·Harness the Forest: Once per day, a wood genasi can use entangle as a druid of a level equal to their HD.·Outsider:As an Outsider, wood genasi are unaffected by things that affect only humanoids. They are affected by things that affect outsiders, however. They gain darkvision out to 60 feet, and cannot be brought back to life without a Wish or Miracle spell.·Automatic Languages: Common and Timber. Bonus languages can be chosen from any standard race.·Favored Class: Like all genasi, wood genasi favor the Figher class. However, it is suggested that you use the alternate favored class for genasi, in which case a wood genasi's favored class is Druid.·Level Adjustment: +1
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Re: Planetouched, Genasi, Wood

Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.

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Re: Planetouched, Genasi, Wood

Dude, do some formatting! It's unintelligible.

Personally I'd cut the elemental resistance(I don't see why they would have that) and the SLA (it's one of the more powerful 1st level spells) and lower the LA to +0 - the Lesser Aasimar, Tiefling and Drow variants see much more play for a reason.
Instead I suggest giving out some ability related to living in the forest. Woodland stride, full speed while climbing trees and moving from branch to branch, Speak with Animals/Plants, hell even Commune with Nature 1/day would be OK.
Maybe also some bonus to Hide (but not Move Silently) in forested areas, otherwise it doesn't match up with the description.
Also consider giving out a Plant Subtype (that is, no special immunities but they'd be affected by effects that target plants - a minor if flavourful drawback).

Also WTH is Timber language and why not Sylvan?
Another thing: the Planetouched are normally possible to resurrect by the same things as mortals.
Alignment: Lawful Good? Are you kidding?
Why did you even put in the Names line if you didn't come up with any names?

Generally, meh but has potential.

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