Planetouched, Genasi (Vacuum)

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Personality: You can count on your hand how many of these cutters that actually exist. Many graybeards refuse to say they exist at all. Every now an then though, a cutter with the very aspect of the Vacuum is rumored to have done some incredible deed with other bloods. The rumors tend to be too consistant to be false. Few, if any bashers know the true dark about these Genasi who spawned from a plane practically devoid of life.It is said they tend to have a wide-eyed tourist look about them, perhaps because they come from a plane of nothingness and find everything fascinating! This curiousity sometimes gets them put in the Dead-Book. (Which may be why there are only a handful of these Genasi)By: Mark RobertsImported from a previous version of
Physical Description: Offspring of the Void all look very gaunt, sometimes to the point of seeming emaciated (although they're perfectly healthy). Additionally, they have one or more of the following traits:
  • An area of "dead air" extending about 1 ft. from their bodies, in which sounds seem muted, the air seems a little thin, and/or odors are non-existent
  • Hair that's unaffected by even the strongest wind
  • Skin that's dry and cool to the touch, and never perspires
  • Relations: It's unknown if they can relate to any races. It's also not known what few of these Gensai do communicate with.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Lands: Other than the Plane of Vacuum, it's unknown where they make kip. If any lived in Sigil, it's dark to even the most lanned greybeards. (In fact some parties who have journeyed to the Plane of Vacuum don't find any cases except for Exhaultus)
    Religion: It's pretty safe to say that they aren't priests, or worship any deities. It may even be dark to them that they realize they even exist.
    Language: Offspring of the Void have no actual language. What they have is a limited form of Telepathy, where like Dabus, they project images of what they are speaking of. What Vacuum Genasi can do is pull images of what others are saying to understand them. This telepathy does not work on Fiends, Elementals, Celestials.. and any other creature who's mind is too foreign or warped to convey.
    Names: None
    Male Names: None
    Female Names: None
    Family Names: None
    Adventurers: If the rumors are to be believed. They adventure just to actually see things. These poor berks float in the Void for years and accidentally leave the Void and have little urge to go back.
    Racial Traits:
  • Vacuum Genasi suffer a -2 penalty to Strength, due to their gaunt frame and lack of gravity growning up. But because they do not need to breathe, they've never had to suffer from air-borne illnesses. Consequently, their Constitution is exceptionally hardy and they gain a +2 Constitution bonus.
  • Vacuum Genasi are completely immune to the effects of vacuum whether natural or induced by magic.
  • Since they don't need to breathe, they're also immune to harmful vapors, which do their damage by being inhaled.
  • They gain a +1 bonus to their saving throws vs. air-based magic every 5 levels.
  • Vacuum Genasi can create Silence, 15' Radius with themselves in the center (like the 2nd-level Priest spell) as though they were a 5th level caster.
  • Favored Class: Rogue.
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    Re: Planetouched, Genasi (Vacuum)

    Interesting, though this seems more like a native race that would end creating Genasi than Genasi themselves.


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    Re: Planetouched, Genasi (Vacuum)

    The alignment and preferred class make no sense to me. Why are they LG? Rogue I can sort of see, but the combination is counterproductive...


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    Re: Planetouched, Genasi (Vacuum)

    Good Point Vacuum Genasi does not breathe and prevent himself from the air-borne illnesses.True , because of the air pollution breathing is also becoming problem for Humans.


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