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Personality: These tieflings are about as common as those of Tanar'ri descent. Many of these tieflings live in denial of their heritage fearful of their malevolent ancestors. They're known for their paranoia and distrust of others. Many of them keep to close knit reclusive groups in an effort to defend themselves from the dangers of suspicious humans and the like. Tealo Wilton: "The fear that these children have of their Baatezu ancestors is certainly well justified. These cruel Angels use their partially mortal offspring for purposes of their own. And like any others they know just how to make their children break to their will."While they may have more of a sense of community compared to other tiefling types that doesn't exactly make them anymore lawful than other races. These tieflings learn that others aren't to be trusted well, however since others don't trust them, it's completely acceptable to deceive others. To a Baatezu tiefling only other tieflings are worthy of their respect, but that's not always the case as some they are likely to join bitter gangs of tieflings.By: Jason NgImported from a previous version of
Physical Description: Like other tieflings their appearance vary depending on what caste of Baatezu they came from. In most cases the influence of their ancestors is a subtle effect on their appearance, but there have been more extreme cases. The descendants of Lemures and Nupperibos (normally thought to be infertile) tend to have various physical deformities, usually with slightly misshapen body parts or various boils, some of them might also appear burnt. The children of Spinagons are typically short and have an impish look to them. Abishai spawn inherit some reptilian and gargoyle-like qualities and usually have a skin colour corresponding to white, black, green, blue and red of their ancestors caste. Barbazu children, tend to be bluish and more orcish in appearance often with a tell-tale beard. Kocrachon descendants have chitinous skin with often long snouts. Erinyes kin are attractive in appearance much like their ancestors. Those descended from Osyluths are often emaciated and tend of have scorpion-like tales (tough not necessarily with a stinger). Hamatula descendants are typically large with some barb like ridges across their bodies. Narzugon tieflings look a lot much Narzugons themselves, they look like gaunt pale gray humanoids. Amnizu kin are often short and squat with various warts and leathery skin. Cornugon descendants are either quite normal looking or quite scaly. Gelugon children are insectoid in appearance and are always cold to touch. And finally the children of Pit Fiends usually look like typical humanoids except they often have features such as wings, a tail, horns and eyes that glow red.
Relations: Gangs among tieflings are a more than common occurrence, especially these tieflings. While others often join gangs for survival, they also join for a sense of belonging they desire. As members of gangs they usually involve themselves in bitter rivalries against each other. In many groups they often serve as the brains behind the operation, however they lack the manipulative presence their Yugoloth spawned kin have. The taint of their ancestors causes a more uneasy presence among others, including their own kind. Janus Nguyen: "They would have to bring up the subject of tieflings and gang violence... Perhaps the rest of you should know that most tieflings regardless of type don't do that sort of thing."
Alignment: Lawful Good
Lands: none
Religion: none
Language: none
Names: Like most tieflings they adapt the names of other cultures
Male Names: none
Female Names: none
Family Names: none
Adventurers: none
Racial Traits: ? +2 dexterity, +2 intelligence, -2 charisma ? Origin: Always planar ? Humanoid Type ? Medium Size (no modifiers) ? Speed 30' ? Automatic Languages: Common and Baatezu(Infernal). Bonus Languages: Any. ? Favoured Class: Rogue ? Darkvision 60' ? +2 Bluff and Hide ? Special Abilities: The Baatezu heritage of these tieflings do have its benefits, offering these beings a variety of special talents. They may start with 3 special abilities from the list below, each one only once. The lists they choose from determines their ECL. All spell-like abilities are cast as a sorcerer of the character's level. CL +1: -Abishai's Tail (Su): They have a tail that inflicts 1d4 points of piercing damage and three times per day they can inflict an additional 1d4 points of damage from a melee attack, with an energy type depending on the Abishai heritage: white = cold, black and green = acid, blue = lightning, red = fire. -Ambidexterity: Character gains the Ambidexterity feat for free -Barbazu's Beard (Su): They have a sickly looking beard or hair that allows them to manipulate objects weighing 5 pounds (but not attack with a weapon) or less and also gives +2 to grapple checks. -Barbazu Rage (Ex): They get one use of rage as a 1st level Barbarian. -Claws: Can inflict 1d4 points of slashing damage and is considered armed. -Erinye Bloodline: They have a +2 racial modifier to charisma instead, this replaces their -2 racial modifier. -Erinye Tongues (Su): Use Tongues as a spell-like ability at will. -Hamatula Barbs: Inflict 1d6 lethal damage on a successful grapple check. -Kocrachon's Touch (Su): With a successful touch attack three times per day, they cause pain to their opponents giving them a -2 penalty to all checks for 1d4 rounds. Unless they make a fortitude save against a DC of 10 + constitution modifier. -Narzugon Bloodline: They lose the -2 charisma modifier and get a +0 racial modifier instead, and get a +2 bonus to intimidate and ride checks. -Outsider Type (Ex): Creature type becomes Outsider, gains immunity to anything that affects only humanoids such as Charm Person. -Resistances (Ex): 5 points of fire, acid and cold resistance. -Scaly Hide: +2 natural armour. -Spell-like ability(Sp): Pick ONE of the following spells as the spell, and only that spell, which can be used once per day for that character: Animate Rope, Charm Person, Command, Darkness, Detect Chaos, Detect Good, Detect Thoughts, Doom, Magic Weapon, Pyrotechnics or See Invisibility. -Spinagon Spikes (Su): They may fire as many as two spikes per round (standard attack progression) that inflicts 1d3 damage at will with a range increment of 30'. -Telepathic Communication(Su): The PC can communicate telepathically with any single creature in the line of sight, through a language they know. CL +2: -Amnizu Bloodline (Ex): They are immune to the effects of the River Styx and anything that causes memory loss. -Amnizu's Touch (Su): Four times per day, with a touch attack they may cause their opponent to lose all memory of what happened within a day unless they do a will save against DC 15. -Cornugon Lash (Su): They get the stunning fist feat for free, but only when using a whip. -Fiendish Hide(Su): Damage Reduction +1/5 -Fear Aura (Su): For three times per day as a free action they may cause all opponents within 10 feet to suffer the effects of a Fear spell with a Will save of DC 15. -Gelugon's Touch (Su): With a touch attack they can freeze their opponents causing an effect like the slow spell if they fail a fortitude save of DC 15 for 1d4 rounds, they can do this a number of times per day equal to half their character level. -Improved Resistances (Ex): 5 +1/level acid, fire and cold resistance. -Osyluth Tail (Ex): They have a scorpion like tail which inflicts 1d6 damage and injects a weak poison with a DC of 12 which inflicts 1d2 points of temporary strength damage for initial and secondary damage. -Pit Fiend Bloodline: They replace their -2 charisma modifier with a +2 modifier, and also gain +2 modifiers to constitution and wisdom. -Spell-like ability(Sp): Pick ONE of the following spells as the spell, and only that spell, which can be used once per day for that character: Alter Self, Animate Dead (only 2 Hit Dice maximum can be controlled), Hold Person, Invisibility, Major Image, Produce Flame, or Suggestion. -Spell Resistance 5 +1/ per level. -Two abilities from the CL +1 list. -Use one of the once per day spell-like abilities from the previous category twice per day. -Wings(Ex): Can fly at speed 30' with average manoeuverability ? Class Level: +1 or 2 dependant on which of abilities were used.
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Why does it say they are Lawful Good? I think Lawful Evil is more appropriate. Maybe Lawful Neutral. Also, any half-breed Baatezu are hunted and considered abominations per Planescape Rules, by those same rules it also says that the only Female that can have babies is whatsywhosit's daughter, one of the dark 8...but don't cite me on that since I forgot who it was.

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