What constitues a violation of the Dead Truce, besides attacking an undead?

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What constitues a violation of the Dead Truce, besides attacking an undead?

Under the Dead Truce, no undead will attack a Dustman unless the Dustman attacks the undead first. But would the undead consider anything besides physical violence an attack? For instance, a Dustman enters a Lich's tomb. If the Dustman just passes thru, I assume the Lich won't attack. But what if the Dustman takes something belonging to the Lich (i.e. a magical item, treasure, etc.) Is that an "attack" under the Dead Truce? Or does the Lich just have to suck it up and suffer the loss? (What if the Dustman finds and takes the Lich's phylactery?!?) Would insulting an intelligent undead count as an attack? Or casting a spell that compels the undead to obey against its will- what happens once the spell ends? (I'm aware that the Factol's Manifesto states that high-up Dustmen can control undead like skeletons and zombies - I'm assuming that this power doesn't break the Truce, since they're basically mindless.)

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I would say that an

I would say that an intelligent undead can decide for itself what constitutes a violation of the truce, and will take any offense such as theft as a violation. An unintelligent undead, or one enslaved, presumably has some sort of compulsion or instinct, and a Dustman might be able to get around that.

For instance, if a wraith is under the command of a dread wraith and has been ordered to "guard the treasure," one would imagine that a Dustman could enter the area and do just about anything that doesn't involve taking the treasure, while the wraith silently watches. Heck, if the wraith's order is to "guard the treasure of the tomb," and the Dustman speaks with the wraith, he might be able to convince the wraith that the stolen items its boss dumped here earlier aren't part of the tomb's treasure, and so he can take them and go!

I would encourage a Dustman player's creative attempts to avoid combat with undead.