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Random question - Tu'narath

I was wondering if there are any quasi-official suggestions as to "the One in the Void".
I know that he/she/it is a "forgotten deity" that was floating on the Astral and that the githyanki built the center of their empire there. But has there every been any innuendo as to who this dead god/titan was?
Did he embody some principle that drew the githyanki? If so, what this figure's portfolio?
Or was it intended that he was just a random body that the githyanki randomly found and figured that he was as good as any other spot?
Is there some residual property of this dead power that appealed to the githyanki (e.g. does the body generate stone that the githyanki use for building? Does the body generate a protective aura that aids the githyanki?)
Even if there is no "official" answer, I'm curious if anyone had ideas for their home campaigns

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I'm fairly sure I remember

I'm fairly sure I remember reading somewhere that the One in the Void is female and was Good aligned as a deity, but I think that's about the extent of what is known about (Her?). I think that is canon-ish but can't remember what source it originates from.

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D_E wrote:

Huh, that's a really good question. But as far as I know, it was never elaborated upon. The Guide to the Astral just says "It's build upon the body of an unnamed god, said to have been aeons-dead when even the githyanki came to the plane."

If I were to invent something for a home campaign, I would probably tie the god to the illithid eimpire in some way. Either as the remains of a god slain by the illithids, or as a remnant of some other empire from even deeper in the past than the illithids.

Palomides wrote:

I never considered the idea of the illithids having killed a god.

Randomly thinking of variations, I just thought of the illithids possibly being the output of the dead god. Whereas Zeus had a headache that split open to reveal Athena, imagine a god (of mental power/psionics) getting a Far Realm infection and dying. Then his head bursts to release the brain maggots that we now call the illithid that then spread throughout the multiverse

I once used essentially that explanation as the origin for Ilsensine. :D

The new Mordenkainen book implies that the Red Wizards of Thay have extracted the still-beating heart of the One and taken it somewhere, but I don't know enough Forgotten Realms lore to know if the author is driving at anything in specific, or if it's a random plot hook, or foreshadowing a possible adventure path, or what.

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I see that Mordenkainenfrankenhammensteinamannamanna's tome also says that a demigod built a fortress upon/within the One's corpse before the githyanki arrived. I wonder if there were any intentions with the identity of this demigod or if it was also a random plot hook.

I guess it's good that they leave things like this vague; but I have to admit that I'm at a loss for a creative answer as to who this demigod might be