Quick Planar Encounters

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Quick Planar Encounters

Just some quick, flavorful scenes that a party might encounter while crossing the planes.


- The party comes across a great battlefield, filled with thousands of soldiers fighting. On a distant hill, the party can see the silhouette of a titanic figure/Power watching the battle take place. Despite any care they might take to remain hidden, after a point, everybody becomes aware that they're being watched by that figure. A thought of "Not Yet" passes through their minds before the figure's attention turns back to the battle.

- The party encounters a field filled with row after row of soldiers standing perfectly still. If approached, they respond with "We await the judgement of Gond" (or some other name), and they begin reciting the time, place and circumstances of their death (who they were fighting and how much hatred they felt towards their enemy). If the party returns to the site later, all the figures are gone.

- A group of horsemen rides through the party, bowling them over. They can be heard laughing afterwards. (Works better if the party is on foot).

- An endless line of marching soldiers bars the party's progress. Any attempt to fight their way past will have a handful of soldiers drop out to fight, but will not stop the marching. The party must navigate past by some other method. If wanted, as an added insult, once the party makes it past, the last soldier marches past and the way is clear.

- A lost standard bearer attaches himself to the party, not wanting to be thought of as a deserter. He doesn't know where the rest of own group is.

Please, add to this list, whether for Acheron or other planes!

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- A PC finds an old weapon they used to own but traded or lost is imbedded in the rotting body of a young man dressed in the armor of a White Knight of Hieronyous. Pulling the weapon out will summon a sword spirit. The weapon is also subtly cursed and will drive its former owner toward dastardly deeds under the guise of "pragmatism" or "necessary evils."

- A disgraced Harmonium commander who led his fellows astray leads a small contingent of animated armor and helmed horrors in pursuit of the devil he sold his soul to. However, to his dismay, his contingent of strange followers grows increasingly evil and treacherous. The commander has forgotten the cause he fights for, and it is his malign will that animates the contingent; should he remember his cause they would drop to the ground as so much scrap metal.

- Rusted out caverns are covered by only the thinnest veneer of earth, likely to collapse if a PC steps on them, dropping the adventurers into goblin caverns where goblins capture the dying from the fields of battle to torment them in dirty pits. Rust monsters, trained by the goblins, keep the tunnel network expanding, allowing the goblins access to more battlefields to scavenge.

- Sounds of a battle ring across a blasted empty plain littered with fallen banners, skeletons, and shattered shields. Anyone listening to the sounds may be driven temporarily insane, turning them against their allies in a paroxysm of rage. A bard or similar character, however, can make out that the souls are restless because the enemy banner was taken from the field by a mercenary. A cleric can attempt a risky turn undead to purge the restless spirits, risking summoning multiple sword spirits in the process, or the PCs can track down the mercenary and retrieve the banner from him.