How is the content reload being organised?

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How is the content reload being organised?

I was wondering how things are progressing with the recovery of data from the backup to the main Planewalker website.

Are you hoping to get all the old data assembled and then get it pulled over automatically, or will you be using this incident as an opportunity to create a new and improved Planewalker 2.0 website?

The reason I say this is that I used to use the Planewalker Wiki and while there are a lot of great articles on it, I was often linked over to weird search pages and had real problems navigating to the other articles on the Planewalker Wiki.

So I am wondering if you are planning to pull your awesome content back to the original setup...and then fix the problematic links later...or if you are going to create new improved sections and then pull the content from the backup directly into those, as they are created.

Either way, will there be a stage where you can get other people to help copy and paste or fix up content? And if so, do you want a hand getting the word out, when that time approaches?